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How to Sell: The Science and Psychology of Persuasive Selling

How to Sell: The Science and Psychology of Persuasive Selling

Increasing Your Sales through Persuasive Selling

Seminar Date: February 12, 2016

Location: CMD Training Center - Wichita, Kansas
Time: 8:30am-3:30pm
Led by: Dr. Don Hackett

Price: $229.00 

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Regardless of the business you’re in, sales is one of the most critical functions for maintaining health and vitality. It’s important that you broaden your professional skill set to include this valuable tool. The ability to sell is one of the most coveted skill sets in organizations.  Yet, many think this is an endowed ability and you are either born with it or without it.  Reality is that most anyone with a desire and commitment can learn, apply and become successful in their sales efforts. 

In this class you will be exposed to the basics of persuasive selling and integrate these basics with practical exercises based on your company's products and services.  Using practical, hands-on exercises, you'll receive training in a secure and risk free environment making learning comfortable, yet practical.   

Designed for

Increasing Your Sales through Persuasive Selling is designed for individuals in need of understanding sales basics.  It is just as applicable to the seasoned sales representative who wants a 'refresher' on the skills they use every day.  Individuals involved in product or service sales, business to business or consumer sales will equally benefit from this course.  Engineering, financial and technical support people who are involved in sales support will also benefit by attending this seminar.


  • Portray the critical role selling plays in the marketing effort
  • Illustrate and confirm why selling plays a valuable and honorable role in society and business
  • Introduce the eight steps of selling with a strong emphasis on application
  • Understand the customer – What they’re thinking and why they want to buy


  1. Introduction to the Sales Process
    1. The two characteristics of good salespeople
    2. Why salespeople will never be obsolete
    3. How you can be persuasive; it all starts with the customer
    4. Why people buy; ‘the mind of the customer’
    5. The two needs of every customer
    6. The role of ‘trust’ in selling
  2. How to Sell: The 5 Steps in the Sales Interview
    1. Prospecting methods
      1. Six prospecting methods
      2. Moving from prospect to qualified prospect
      3. Are you or should you be keeping a prospect file?
    2. The all important approach
      1. Homework: Earning a place at the table by knowing your customer's business and environment
      2. The power of first impressions
      3. Using the ‘Opening General Benefit Statement' (OGBS)
      4. Authoring and practicing an 'OGBS'
      5. Revisiting body language and appearance
    3. Discovering what your customer needs and values
      1. Why ‘probing’ might be the most important step in selling
      2. Discovering your customer driver’s: The 3 types of questions to ask
      3. Understanding how to use ‘high input’ questions during probing
      4. Authoring ‘questions’ you can use to make the sale
      5. A practical exercise on probing
    4. Strategies for overcoming objections
      1. The two-step strategy for overcoming objections
        1. Isolate the objection
        2. Overcome the objection
      2. Techniques for overcoming objections
        1. Testimonials
        2. Positive conversion
        3. Warranties and guarantees
        4. Counter questions
        5. “Yes,…but…” approach
      3. How to minimize the price objection
        1. The nature of the price objection
        2. Five ways to minimize the price objection
        3. Practical exercise on overcoming the price objection
    5. How to close the sale
      1. The four reasons for closing failure
      2. The two phases to closing
        1. Summary of benefits
        2. Ask for the order
      3. Six ways to request an order
        1. Direct approach
        2. Alternative approach assumptive close
        3. Standing room only
        4. Extra inducement
        5. Silence
      4. Practical exercise on closing

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Increasing Your Sales through Persuasive Selling will be held in the CMD Training Center in the Woodman Alumni Building on the Wichita State University campus, 4205 E. 21st Street, Wichita, Kansas.

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